Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Blog is Money Machine

Blog for me is the media to develop creative writing. If you are a good writer's work shaped the scientific or literary prose and poetry, then in the internet age now, less afdhol if they do not deliver your creativity through the blog. On the internet has been born writers who are very expert even with minimal knowledge of basic writing. I once asked a friend of his articles on the internet is very good in my opinion, if he ever learned about the theory of writing such as Indonesian grammar. He replied, no. He said the important thing is to write what he has in mind. Great khan.

But sorry mate, I'm not going to talk about the theory of writing panjan width. Now I will discuss how a blog into an endless money-making machines, in accordance with the post title above. I write this in accordance with experience working on the internet. Internet itself is the field of business opportunities is no exception with a blog. There are several business opportunities that you can get from a blog. Remember just a blog. So this special article that has had a blog dong! Who do not have immediately made lah.

1. PPC Advertising
PPC is a field that is very popular moneymaker on the internet. Not bloggers do not know if the PPC. PPC is pay per click. The way it works is that we join with PPC programs like Google Adsense. Then we have to insert html code to your blog. If successfully installed then any existing code that opens our blog, will appear also PPC advertising. How we make money? Every visitor who comes and clicking on PPC ads that we put before, then we can be a bonus / pay. The value per click varies. If Google Adsense perklik paid between $ 1 to $ 10. If your blog is a blog that pretty crowded, so make the money-producing machine with PPC advertising. This will be a continuous INCOME.

2. Ad Space
Did you ever come to the blog neighbors? Take a look at the right or left side. There is a banner bearing the usual 125x125 banner space. What does it mean? This means that the owner of the blog provides the opportunity for bloggers / webmasters are visiting to advertise. Of course not free tablets. To attach their ads the advertiser must merogok koceknya first. Of course, the advertiser / advertisers do not want to lose by advertising on blogs is quiet-quiet. The advertisers will first look at your blog stats crowded or not. If a visitor who came one day one has always (meaning only one he he he), then the advertiser will not glance at your blog as sekai. For that blog that crowded visitors (visitors loyal) will always see people to advertise. Got a blog with hundreds of thousands and even tens of thousands every day, do not waste the opportunity to put the ad space for your blog into a money machine endlessly. Examples 125x125 banner space you can see in

3. Ad Links
Link to believe / believed to boost the popularity of a blog / website in search engines.Therefore many advertisers are chasing to get your blog or web popularity in search engines. They also did not hesitate to spend money to Develop a link. In the world of blogging called backlinks. That is a link that leads back to the address of a blog. If you have a blog with visitors who crowded, then memasag link advertising space is also a business opportunity.

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